States of being in Abstract

Whilst in New York, I was lucky enough to visit the Elma Wimmer gallery to see a collection of art by emerging Iranian artists, all under the title of ‘States of being in Abstracrt’, curated by Roya Khadjavi.

Artists include: Dana Nehdaran, Aida Izadpanah and Masoumeh Moghhadam.

Iron powder, acrylic, and oil primer on canvas. By:               Dana Nehdaran
By: Aida Izadpanah


Nehdaran’s ‘Fe26’ series centres around the theme of theough oxidation of iron, portrayed through beautifyllyinimalistix canvases, whilst Izadpanah utilises cement, acrylic and wood to produce highly texturised pieces that portray the innocence of the present moment, and overall conveying the beauty of time’s aesthetic, through capturing the destructive nature of the materials when combined.




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