Look back to my GCSE works!

After having completed my gcse’s last year, I was delighted to be able to take some of my pieces from over the last two years back home today! Feeling nostalgic and happy that I can look at them with a relaxed conscience and actually enjoy them!                                                                                                    >Scroll to the bottom for a full slideshow of more pieces


This was my own choice project’s final piece. My project was called ‘Body language human emotions and facial expressions’ and I really love the genuine warmth I’ve captured in my grandfathers eyes.


This was a developmental for my still life project, very simply depicting an apple and vase, focusing in on the details of each element and using warm rustic tones.



As a part of my ‘rituals’ exam project, I used oils to paint the scene of a mother preparing her daughter’s traditional headpiece for a tribal Swahili wedding.


On the left is my final piece for my architecture project, inspired by the beauty and complexity of Iranian mosques. Mixed media was used for both pieces and as you can see, I developed and incorporated the mosque from the developmental on the right into my final.


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